01 | heart care redefined

Having successfully helped set up and operate independent cardiology centres in the UK and the Netherlands, we began work on a virtual service that would digitise these practices, giving patients access to quality cardiac care anywhere and anytime through a system that would be like the “Babylon of cardiology”. (+)


02 | we care too late

We pick up on heart health too late, and the cardiovascular burden on our society continues to grow.The heart is the organ that carries most of the weight of our modern living—from the sedentary hours behind desks, to Type II diabetes and an increasing obesity epidemic. Hospitals are places we go when we are broken to seek treatment, but what if we could evolve from treatment to prevention and provide consumer-facing services to help avoid those icebergs down the track? What’s the value of being able to skip that unscheduled hospital visit? (+)


03 | wrong cars in the parking lot

I met Robin, or Dr Van Lingen as his many patients know him, a few years ago. He wore all the hallmarks of someone who went into an honourable profession (to genuinely save lives) but was scarred by the system. He could see ways to improve and empower patient well-being, but every opportunity for innovation was stymied. (+)


04 | but what about AI?

Not even the most sophisticated, empathic, human-scripted, neural-network-empowered artificially intelligent algorithm will provide the empathy of a cardiac nurse. The business of health and wellness will always be defined by the quality of care and empathy at the individual patient level.  (+)