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E-cigarette personal vaporizer

A re-fillable and re-chargeable e-cigarette PV in which the PV indicates consumption of e-liquid using a visual indicator that extends or moves along the body.

Portable charging case for a vapour dispenser

A portable charging case 1 for replenishing the vapour fluid of a vapour dispenser 9 comprises a fluid reservoir 3 for storing multiple dosages of vapour liquid; and a refill mechanism 15, wherein the refill mechanism 15 is configured to engage with the vapour dispenser 9 to deliver a dose of …

A communications system

A first device 10 has a touch sensitive surface 12 adapted to sense an input gesture provided by a user, and a transmitter for sending a signal indicative of the sensed input gesture. A second wearable device 20 comprises a receiver responsive to receiving a signal indicative of an input gesture …

Recycling refuse receptacle

A receptacle (100) to facilitate the collection of refuse suitable for recycling. The receptacle comprises a modular frame (155) assembly and a plurality of outer panels (111) attachable to an assembled frame to define therein at least one internal chamber. A number of rigid refuse containers may …

The ornamental designs for combined recycling and advertising receptacle, as shown and described.

Combined recycling and advertising receptacle


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